Idea’s For New Years Resolution From a Hawaii Home Builder

New Years Resolutions are great and sometimes we all need a little help thinking of them. Here is a helpful list of popular resolutions that may give you some ideas from a Hawaii Home Builder.

1. Spend more time with your family and friends. This is a common one that is very beneficial to you and your happiness. All it takes is making plans to meet up for dinner or a movie. It doesn’t take much and everyone will enjoy it.
2. Everyone wants to enjoy life more. With our typical stressful lifestyles as Americans we could all use some relaxation. You can pick up a new hobby or an activity that you enjoy, or even take a trip to the spa. Its something that should be easy and everyone can do it.
3. Keep the house clean. All it takes is 15 minutes a day. A quick clean up on a daily basis will ease the load on everyone in general. There are some very easy things you can do that will prevent the hours long binge cleaning.
4. Read a big book. In general we do not read enough as a society. We have all heard of great books and not actually read them. Reading is a great stress reliever and increases your vocabulary. You never know, maybe you really like reading and didn’t know it.
5. Conquer a fear. Everyone is afraid of something and the best and cheapest way to overcome these fears is to confront them. So maybe you want to make the resolution to face your fears and beat them down.
6. Travel. Maybe you haven’t traveled out of the country, or even the state. Traveling is great for vacation and relaxation. So maybe travel to someplace new should be your resolution.
7. Exercise more. Walking for 20 minutes a day does great things for your happiness and health. It’s easy and not time consuming. It’s great for weight loss and many other things so give it a try.
8. Eliminate unnecessary expenses. Maybe you spend money that you shouldn’t for things you don’t need or use. Cutting back on the spending can save a good chunk of money. It adds up.
9. Open a savings account. With all that money your saving with the spending cuts maybe you should put it into an account. Putting just a little money in it weekly, bi-weekly, or even monthly can add up and help you save.
10. Use your computer a lot? Maybe what you should do is resolve to clean up your computer and remove the clutter. Organize your files, pictures, and programs. Put them into folders and run through a series of defrags and other computer care programs.
11. Quit Smoking. Not only is smoking bad for your health but it makes a nice hole in your pocket. By quitting you will not only feel better, but you will be shocked at the amount of money you spend each year on cigarettes.

New Years resolutions are great for giving yourself goals, but they are only good if you go through with them. So this year give yourself a goal and stick to it. Better yourself and increase your happiness. Our Hawaii builders hope this helps.So Happy Holiday’s from your Hawaii Home Builder!

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