Going Green with Hawaii Builders

All over the world and specifically Hawaii, people are turning to green options when it comes to Hawaii custom homes. Basically this means people are changing their homes and personal environments to be more eco friendly. We will cover what “green” home building really entails, how it is done, and why you might want to think about going green yourself.

Green home building in a nutshell means that your house is built out of foam. That’s right, foam. The Saebi Alternative Building System, or SABS, is a multi-patented composite building that utilizes recycled foam as the core material for the walls, roof, floor, and ceiling of the home. Additionally the green building efforts are focused on conserving water consumption, maintaining existing flora and fauna, retrofitting homes with energy efficient appliances, improving indoor air quality by upgrading ventilation systems, and using materials like recycled countertops, reclaimed wood, and non-toxic substances.

Now that we know what a going green entails we will talk about how it’s all put together. The foam panels at first appear to look and feel like the Styrofoam used for coolers, but these panels are much thicker, denser, and are fire-resistant and termite-proof. The frame is made without straps, tie downs, nuts, or bolts. It is then sprayed with a shell of cement mixture of sand, cement, glass fiber, and other similar materials. This is to ensure that your home is solid and hurricane proof. It is also resistant to salt spray, water penetration, mold, and rust, just a few of Hawaii home builders favorite hurdles to jump. All of this is done according to the Hawaii construction code. On of the few changes in lifestyle can include that you have to use a drill and a masonry anchor instead of nails when hanging artwork.

So what do you really get out of green home building? First off it is shockingly cheaper compared to regular building methods. The completion time is accelerated as the materials are easier to handle. There is a highly reduced risk of injury. The materials are widely available all over the world and are all nontoxic. For the green lovers it is 99% recyclable EPS foam as well. There is no requirement of wood or the farming of rainforests. The materials are flexible which frees up some unique building designs. The finished home is air tight and there are greatly reduced energy costs. It is capable of withstanding up to category 5 winds, adding a good amount of hurricane resistance. The materials can withstand earthquakes up to 3 times worse than California’s worst. It is Class A fire resistant, as well as mold mildew and water damage resistant. There is a decent amount of sound resistance between rooms and it is also rodent and termite resistant, which is perfect for all the annual damage caused by them in Hawaii.

This all sounds too good to be true, right? The good news is that it is not. Not only is there construction but it is not difficult to incorporate green building in your Hawaii home remodeling plans. Our Hawaii Builders are more than willing to work with you to get you the end product that you desire and we sincerely hope that you give this some serious thought during your next project. For more information contact our Hawaii contractors.

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