Air Conditioning Advice from a Hawaii Construction Company

When it starts to get hot, we all want to feel comfortable. In order to keep you from sweating the temperature and the relative humidity need to be below a certain digit. There are places like Arizona that can be 80 degrees and hot but it is comfortable but if you are in Florida, 80 degrees is simply oppressive. These are just the basics of keeping cool during the summer, but here are a few more from a Hawaii Construction Company.

First off you need to dress for the weather. Keeping the humidity down helps but one of the most basic and simple tips for keeping cool is to wear less and let the A/C set a bit higher. Wearing shorts during the winter or jeans during the summer is unnecessary. Wearing layers to stay warm or shorts and a tee to stay cool is a smart way to control you bodies heat without hitting your wallet too hard.

Secondly, control the humidity in your home. There are a few ways to do this but best way is to seal up any air leaks you have in your home. This can be a big project that isn’t a DIY fix. If this is the case a Hawaii Contractor or maybe even a Hawaii builder to do it for you or at least advise your best course of action. Getting you RH below 50% is important. Most A/C units have 2 stages, the first cools the air, and then it dehumidifies. But if your unit is too big for the area it is trying to cool it will shut off before it dehumidifies so make sure you get an appropriate A/C unit.

Third, turn on a fan. When you have a fan blowing on you the air moving over your skin makes you feel cooler. Be careful though as if the fan is not on your skin the motor is actually creating more heat in the room.

Next, close your blinds. Sun shining in through you windows actually heats up your home. You might even benefit from using exterior shades to prevent the heat from ever reaching your home.

Lastly, open your windows and doors once it cools off. During the day when it is hot keep that A/C going but once it cools off turn it off and let some of that naturally cool air in. Depending on the insulation in your home can turn off the A/C earlier in the afternoon and it will stay cooler and have it stay cool as the sun goes down.

Everyone wants to save money and everyone wants to stay cool, but sometimes these are not in sync. These are a few easy to understand things you can do to stay cool and perhaps save a few dollars. For some it is worth it to have you’re A/C on all the time and to wear those jeans. For more information on A/C and staying cool check out our Hawaii construction company and see if we can help you out.

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